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service providers - registration

In accordance with the icstis Code of Practice (Eleventh Edition), service providers must register with icstis before providing any premium rate service(s).

Service providers must provide to icstis without delay such information as it may require for any purpose relating to this Code which may include but is not limited to:

  • any telephone number ranges (including dialling codes) or other connection arrangement allocated to it by the network operator
  • if the service requires or involves access to any website, the URL of the site
  • the name, address, e-mail address, telephone and fax number of the person representing the service provider who is nominated to receive all communications in connection with the application of the Code and if that person is not a director of the service provider the name of the director with primary responsibility for premium rate services
  • the name and home address of each of the directors and their phone and fax numbers and e-mail addresses

how to register
In order to register as a service provider, use the form below.

Register as a Service Provider

Once registered, you will be e-mailed a unique service provider registration number (SPN). Please note you are only required to register as a Service Provider once.

You will require your SPN if you wish to register your premium rate number(s) and service(s), apply for prior permission, if required, and amend your details.

 Register new Number(s) and Service(s)

Amend your contact details

An information provider is any person on whose behalf a service provider may provide a service.

If you are an information provider and would like to register your details with icstis, complete and submit the form below.

 Register as an Information Provider

service providers should note the following:
If the proposed service does not fall into a category of service needing
prior permission, service providers should:

  • Satisfy themselves that the content and promotional material for the proposed service complies fully with the icstis Code of Practice and with the relevant icstis helpnotes. Copy advice and guidance on proposed service content is available free to service providers from the icstis Executive - email [email protected] for further details.

    Click here for fact sheets on: 
    - Employment, Employment Information and Business Opportunity services
    - Unsolicited promotions
    - Fax services
  • Satisfy themselves that any relevant legal or other regulatory requirements relating to operation or promotion of the premium rate service have been met.

  • Go to a network operator to obtain premium rate numbers and to arrange to have the service connected (click here for network operator contact details).
  • Register with icstis to provide details of premium rate numbers allocated by the network operator, together with contact details for communications regarding compliance with the Code of Practice.

  • Sign up for e-mail notifications to be updated electronically each time icstis documents, including the Code of Practice and helpnotes, are updated. (Service providers without access to e-mail or the Internet should call us to have their details added to the mailing list.)

need help?
The Executive can advise on matters relating to compliance with the Code of Practice and can also give advice on setting up services and applying for permission.

Due to the volume of advice requested, it may take up to ten working days for a written response to be produced by the Executive.

Copy advice and guidance on proposed service content is available free to service providers from the Executive. Please call 020 7940 7474 or e-mail [email protected] for further details.

outside icstis' remit
The following are outside icstis' remit:

  • Legal matters - Advice on laws, such as gaming or data protection legislation, that may apply to a service should be sought from the relevant authority or a suitably qualified solicitor.
  • Commercial matters, including revenue and the cost of setting up a service. Individual network operators will be able to help with this.
  • Technical matters, including where to obtain equipment used to provide premium rate services. Service providers wishing to offer live entertainment services are required to record all calls.
    Please see the recording equipment requirements.
  • Matters relating to services that do not charge via premium rate (for example, services paid for via credit card).  
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