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icstis network operators committee/the industry liaison panel The icstis Network Operators Committee (INOC), has now been superseded by the Industry Liaison Panel (ILP). For information about the work of INOC, click here.

ILP Summary notes

February 2007 ILP summary notes

December 2006 ILP summary notes

September 2006 ILP summary notes

July 2006 ILP summary notes

May 2006 ILP summary notes

February 2006 ILP summary notes

Meetings will be open to one representative from each of the trade bodies accepted for membership by icstis. The nominated trade body attendee should be in good standing with icstis and should not have direct company association with any service provider or network whose breach record with icstis is such that their membership of the Industry Liaison Panel (ILP) would undermine its integrity. Such matters will be judged on their merits by the collective membership of the ILP and icstis.

In addition the meeting will be open to BT plc due to its position in the UK communications industry.

icstis may also at its discretion appoint up to four other associate industry members active in the delivery of PRS from amongst service or content providers where trade body representation does not sufficiently reach those particular sectors for example amongst broadcasters who are engaged in the use of PRS. These four members will not be permanent members of the Panel and will be rotated over time having regard to the needs of icstis and ILP and to ensure a balance of discussion with the widest range of interests.

The Chairman will be appointed by the membership and be from industry. The appointment shall be for a period of one year. The membership shall also include some representatives from icstis' Board, including at least one from industry, and from the Executive.

icstis will provide the Executive/administrative support, including note taking and distribution, as well as meeting space.


  • To consider and advise icstis on issues relating to the development of regulation of the premium rate industry, especially with regard to the role that the various commercial stakeholders have in the facilitation of PRS
  • To advise icstis on the general effectiveness of the Code of Practice. To provide comments on the effectiveness and workings of the Code of Practice with a view to strengthening trust and confidence in the provision of PRS
  • To act as a forum for icstis to raise and inform on matters relevant to all commercial stakeholders
  • Annually, to receive and comment on a presentation of the icstis budget when icstis consults with all stakeholders, including service provider funders
  • To consider and advise icstis on suggestions for improvements to the collection arrangement for the icstis Levy, fines and Administrative charges
  • To receive updates on the operational effectiveness of the icstis Contact Centre and discuss means of improving the signposting arrangements between networks, icstis and other relevant bodies to ensure a successful customer experience in relation to PRS and related customer information, support and advice. To identify trends in complaints and Contact Centre activity with a view to early identification of concerns and pre-emptive solutions.
  • To act as a forum where matters relating to consumer information and education about PRS via telephone bills and other mechanisms can be discussed and agreed.

Frequency of meetings
The ILP will normally meet at quarterly intervals. Meetings of sub-sets of the main membership of the ILP may also be convened on an ad hoc basis where such a meeting would be desirable to either icstis or commercial stakeholder members, or a sub-set thereof. Membership of such meetings may be extended to others who are not ILP members where it is deemed desirable to do so and where the expertise of those others is generally recognised to be of benefit to the task or issue in hand.

Reporting of meetings
Notes of the meetings (and any sub-Panel meetings) will be circulated with any papers for subsequent meetings and be provided to the icstis Board. They will also be published on icstis’ website. The icstis Activity Report will contain a summary report of the work of the ILP in the preceding year.

Click here to see the latest UK network operators contact list.

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