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icstis forums icstis forums, which take place two or three times each year, are open to all icstis stakeholders.

Created in 2002, its terms of reference are:

“The forum will act as a source of information to icstis on commercial and technological developments which may have an impact on the regulation of premium rate services. icstis will also use it as a means of communicating with stakeholders on changes and developments of which it is aware and on which it seeks views or comments. Participants may also use it as a means to raise issues of regulation of premium rate services.”

To receive details of upcoming forums, please sign up for icstis alerts.

To register your attendance at an upcoming icstis forum, please email [email protected].

upcoming forums

15th icstis Forum agenda - 28 June 2007
Urbis, Cathedral Gardens, Manchester M4 3BG
Afternoon session - commences 1.00pm with a buffet lunch

16th icstis Forum - 29 November 2007
The Foreign Press Association, 11 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5AJ
Afternoon session - commences with a buffet lunch

previous forums and key agenda items

14th icstis Forum - 20 February 2007

13th icstis Forum - 10 October 2006

12th icstis Forum - 10 July 2006

11th icstis Forum - 21 March 2006

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