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welcome to our section for service providers

icstis regulates premium rate services in the UK. It publishes and enforces a
Code of Practice which contains the rules governing the content and promotion of premium rate services. The Code is supplemented by a set of helpnotes and Statement of Expectations.

Premium rate services offer information and entertainment via phone, fax, PC (e-mail, Internet, bulletin board), mobile (SMS/WAP) or interactive digital TV. Services range from sports, voting and sex lines to competition, chat, directory enquiry and business information services, and currently vary in cost from 10 pence per call to £1.50 per minute. The money paid for the call is shared between the telephone company carrying the service and the service provider providing the content.

A service provider is an individual, company or organisation that contracts directly with a network operator for premium rate numbers. The service provider is responsible for ensuring that the content and promotion of a service comply with the icstis Code of Practice. This is the case even where the service provider is acting as an 'aggregator', ‘reseller’ or ‘bureau’ providing the service on behalf of a client (‘information provider’).

In accordance with the icstis Code of Practice (Eleventh Edition), service providers must register with icstis before providing any premium rate service(s).

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prior permission
Most services can be set up without icstis' prior permission. However, certain services that have been found to pose a greater risk of causing consumer harm may not be provided unless icstis has first granted permission.

Click here for details on how to apply for prior permission
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