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Consultation with our stakeholders is essential in making sure that we make the right decisions, as our actions regulating premium rate services affect consumers and organisations across the UK. Effective consultation means allowing all our stakeholders to comment before we make a decision. For this reason, you will also find details of relevant consultations being conducted by other organisations in these pages.

For all our consultations, we will endeavour to involve all those stakeholders whose voices need to be heard, explain fully the different options that we are considering before we make our decision and help those with views to respond fully and in an informed way. (All downloads are available in pdf format, viewable with Adobe Acrobat, which can be downloaded free.)

consultation documents from 2006:

previous consultation documents:


external responses to icstis consultations
external responses

icstis statements following consultation 
icstis statements

relevant consultations from other organisations


icstis responses to other organisations' consultations:
icstis responses