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icstis has launched a brand new website specifically targeted to meet the needs of children.

Phonebrain website logo

why launch a new website?

Children have more exposure to premium rate charging than ever before as services become increasingly mainstream and popular in the media - they can order ringtones and wallpapers, vote to save (or get rid of!) contestants in reality TV shows, get goal alerts from their favourite football teams and enter competitions to win fabulous prizes.

With a staggering 65% of children aged 8-15 now owning a mobile phone, 72% having access to digital TV at home and 65% having access to the internet at home, every parent wants their children to be safe, knowledgeable and informed about the new technologies available to them.

To protect this new audience, icstis launched on Monday 4th December 2006.

For details of the Phonebrain launch, click here.

what is

The new site is fun, interactive and relevant, and is the latest initiative from icstis in its work to deliver up-to-date consumer protection for everyone.

Children, and their parents, can use to learn about premium rate services. They will understand how to recognise them and the different ways of accessing them, and appreciate the costs involved. The site tackles potential issues before they become problems and gives children all the information they need about the safe and sensible use of these services.


The project has been welcomed and supported by numerous organisations from charities, such as Childline, Childnet and the Internet Watch Foundation to the leading telephone networks as well as Ofcom, the Metropolitain Police and Microsoft.

The website has also been supported by Dani Harmer, star of CBBC's Tracy Beaker.

We would like to thank all the organisations involved for their support and enthusiasm. We would also like to thank the children of Finchley Catholic School for Boys and John Ball Primary School in Blackheath for their help in developing and testing the site.

If you would like to support and place the logo and link on your website, please contact Sarah Icken on [email protected].

icstis 20th anniversary logo