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the code of practice icstis publishes and enforces a Code of Practice which contains the rules governing the content and promotion of premium rate services. The Eleventh Edition of the Code of Practice took effect on 4 January 2007.

You can download the Eleventh Code in full or select the sections most relevant to you from the list below. 

It should be read in conjunction with icstis Help Notes.

(All downloads are available in pdf format, viewable with
Adobe Acrobat, which can be downloaded free).

- About icstis and contents

Part 1:

- Introduction

- Network operators

- Service providers

- Information providers

- General provisions applicable to all premium rate services

- Provisions relating specifically to live services

- Additional provisions relating to specific categories of service

Part 2:

- Procedures and sanctions

- Additional procedures concerning network operators

- Appeals

- Framework

Annex 1:

- Funding arrangements

Annex 2:

- Procedures of the Independent Appeals Body

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