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(All downloads are available in pdf format, viewable with Adobe Acrobat, which can be downloaded free.)

1 August 2007
ICSTIS Statement - Channel 4 and premium rate competitions

11 July 2007
ICSTIS Chairman finds year of "worrying upsurge" in complaints about TV premium rate services intolerable

6 July 2007
ICSTIS imposes record fine for misleading Richard and Judy competition

19 June 2007
ICSTIS consultations on 0871 and stakeholder engagement:deadlines approach

5 June 2007
ICSTIS consultation on broadcast premium rate services: deadline approaches

15 May 2007
ICSTIS consults on introducing prior permission for PRS used in TV and radio programmes

25 April 2007
ICSTIS proposes tough consumer safeguards for 0871 services

4 April 2007
ICSTIS introduces tough new rules for Quiz TV shows

8 March 2007
ICSTIS announces measures to restore public trust in participation TV 

28 February 2007
ICSTIS: "Viewers must get a fair deal" 

Click here to view Sir Alistair Graham's open letter to the industry

25 January 2007
ICSTIS welcomes publication of the Culture, Media and Sport Committee Report on Call TV quiz shows

12 December 2006
ICSTIS appoints new Deputy Chairman

29 November 2006
ICSTIS urges children to use their phonebrains this Christmas

20 November 2006
Two weeks and counting...


9 November 2006
ICSTIS publishes 11th Edition of the Code of Practice and accompanying
press release

8 November 2006
ICSTIS publishes research on key trends in the communications sector 
(Note: Large file - 1.64MB) and accompanying press release

26 October 2006
Nick Elmer prohibited from running premium rate services for 18 months

5 October 2006
Big Brother voting lines "Misleading" rules ICSTIS

3 October 2006
ICSTIS publishes statement on consumer refunds and accompanying press release

23 August 2006
Jason Gambling prohibited from running premium rate services for two years

10 August 2006
ICSTIS begins formal Big Brother investigation

9 August 2006
ICSTIS issues statement on BIG Brother complaints

31 July 2006

ICSTIS launches pre-consultation for 0871


31 July 2006
ICSTIS informs businesses about forthcoming 0871 regulation


20 July 2006
ICSTIS Announces Levy Reduction

10 July 2006
ICSTIS Chairman, Sir Alistair Graham, calls for collective action to stamp out electronic 'muggers'

9 June 2006
ICSTIS and Ofcom act to stamp out Internet dialler harm on all numbers

8 May 2006

ICSTIS publishes Half-Year Statement and accompanying Press Release

19 March 2006
ICSTIS to regulate 0871 calls (For further information view Ofcom's Press Release)

3 March 2006
ICSTIS announces 66% fall in premium rate complaints

2 February 2006
ICSTIS is pleased to welcome Sir Alistair Graham as its new Chairman from 1 June 2006

21 December 2005
New 250,000 fine limit to deter premium rate rogues

20 December 2005
40,000 fine for misleading 'crazy frog' service

10 November 2005
ICSTIS publishes Half-Year Statement and accompanying Press Release

4 November 2005
100,000 fine for prize line rogues

13 June 2005
ICSTIS announces Emergency Code Amendment

19 May 2005
ICSTIS strengthens Committee with commercial expertise

09 Dec 2004
ICSTIS to get greater powers to tackle unscrupulous firms

19 Oct 2004
ICSTIS cuts off rogue diallers

03 Aug 2004
Ofcom to strengthen premium rate services consumer protection measures

15 July 2004
ICSTIS calls time on internet dialler fraud

22 Jan 2004
ICSTIS welcomes new code for content of mobile phones