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icstis quarterly

Read about news of current issues and developments, together with summaries of our latest adjudications. (All downloads are available in pdf format, viewable with Adobe Acrobat, which can be downloaded free here.)

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icstis quarterly: Spring 2006
Featuring: 66% fall in premium rate complaints, a visit from the Minister, Rt Hon Alun Michael MP, and a welcome to the new icstis chairman, Sir Alistair Graham.

icstis quarterly: Winter 2005
Featuring: introduction of new 250,000 fine limit, launch of a new look for, and reports from IARN and the Forum.

icstis quarterly: Autumn 2005
Featuring: Eleventh Code of Practice - an update, SMS subscription services, quiz TV licensing proposals.

icstis quarterly: Summer 2005
Featuring: icstis issues new Code of Practice for consultation, fines to increase, the icstis Summer Reception.

icstis quarterly: Spring 2005
Featuring: the Ofcom review - an update, icstis reduces levy, premium rate convictions.

icstis quarterly: Winter 2004
Featuring: icstis to get greater powers to tackle unscrupulous firms, governance changes announced, mobile classification body established.

icstis quarterly: Autumn 2004
Featuring: Ofcom review of premium rate services regulation, icstis tackles dialler complaints, warning issued over use of Automatic Calling Equipment.

icstis quarterly: Spring 2004
Featuring: Minister welcomes icstis Quarterly, icstis launches governance review, higher tariff services update.

Prior to the icstis quarterly, we produced a monthly report:- 

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