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number ranges and charges

All UK-based premium rate services must be advertised on '09' number ranges or mobile SMS short codes.

icstis also regulates the following number ranges:
  • Directory enquiry services (118)
  • 070 numbers that offer premium rate style services
  • All internet dialler services
  • All premium rate sexual entertainment services
  • International numbers that provide a product or service (00)

In 2008, icstis will also commence regulating all services operating on 0871 number ranges.

Premium rate services currently vary in cost from 10 pence to £1.50 per minute/call/text. Please note that your phone company (landline, cable or mobile) may also add a surcharge in addition to the advertised rate. Any surcharge will vary depending on your telephone company. You should check the cost of calling or texting premium rate services from your phone with your own telephone company.

The money paid by users for services is shared between the telephone company carrying the service and the organisation providing the content.

For more information, click on the relevant number range:

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