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Use the form below to make a complaint about a premium rate service.

If you would like to enquire about a premium rate number, please use our
number checking facility.

If you wish to complain about more than one premium rate service, please submit a separate form for each one.

Complaints about international numbers (00) cannot be submitted online. If you wish to complain about an international number, please contact our free helpline on 0800 500 212 (8.00am - 6.00pm, Mon-Fri).

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Numbers & service
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*What is the Premium rate short code number for this service?* *
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Please note that we can only proceed with your complaint if you have already contacted the service provider for this service.
Have you contacted the service provider for this service? * yes
Please click here for the online number checker to obtain the contact details for the service provider
Please detail the contact you had with the service provider
Please provide the mobile number used to access this service or the mobile number in which you have received the text message(s) *
Who is your mobile network operator?

The following questions will enable our team to deal with your concerns quickly and effectively. Please complete all sections in detail and be as precise as possible.
*Where and when did you see/hear the promotion for the premium rate service/promotion you wish to complain about* *
What did the promotion say and what service was being offered?
If there is a website associated with this service, please provide the web address.
What is the nature of your complaint about the promotion and/or service? *
Please provide the date of the call or the date the text message was received *
If unknown, tick here
If applicable, please provide details of the duration of the call
If required, are you able to provide a copy of your phone bill? yes
To assist us with our investigation, do we have permission to pass on your details to the service provider? * yes

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