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how do you make a complaint?

If you want to check a premium rate number on your bill, you can use our
number checking facility.

As well as identifying the premium rate service, the facility will let you know whether it is under investigation for any reason and of any action we are taking.

what services can icstis investigate?

icstis investigates complaints about the promotion and operation of services which involve the use of a telephone connection via a premium rate number. This includes services available on a variety of mediums such as voice (telephone), fax, Internet, mobile phone SMS and interactive TV. The potential content of these services is endless.

icstis regulates any service/promotion that is operating on one of the following number ranges:

  • numbers beginning with 090/ 091 and 098
  • mobile SMS short codes that are usually four or five digits long and begin with 5, 6 or 8.
  • Directory enquiry services (118)
  • 070 numbers that offer premium rate style services
  • All internet dialler services
  • All premium rate sexual entertainment services
  • International numbers that provide a product or service (00)

In 2008, icstis will also commence regulating all services operating on 0871 number ranges.

Irrespective of how services are advertised or accessed, or who is complaining, we accept complaints about:

  • the promotion of premium rate services (for example, missing call cost information or the making of misleading claims)
  • the content of premium rate services (for example, offensive content or services that are unnecessarily prolonged)
  • the overall operation of premium rate services (for example, failure to award competition prizes within a required period or failure to end certain services automatically at preset cost limits).

prior to submitting a complaint

Before you submit your complaint, please ensure that you have gone through the following steps:

  • make sure your complaint is within our remit (see above).
  • do you want to try and get a refund? icstis cannot assist you with this regardless of whether you submit a complaint or not. You must contact the service provider directly. Click here to find out their contact details.
  • make sure you supply the information we need. Try and gather as much information as you can about your experience before filling in the complaint form or contacting the help line.

what information should I give when submitting my complaint?

You will be asked specific questions about the promotion and/or service and your experiences of the promotion/service in order for us to investigate your complaint correctly and more efficiently. You will be asked to supply details of where you saw the promotion and what the promotion said. It is recommended that you remind yourself of this before you submit your complaint.

ways to complain

There are a variety of ways to submit your complaint but before you do, please visit our number checking facility for instant information about the number in question, then:
  • if you have a hard copy of the promotion in question (e.g. a page from a magazine), please supply your complaint in writing with a copy of the promotion to: icstis, FREEPOST WC5468, London, SE1 2BR
  • or complete our online complaint form
  • or call our free helpline on 0800 500 212 between the hours of 8.00am and 6.00pm, Monday to Friday

Consumers who are hard of hearing can now contact icstis via textlink on
020 7407 3430.

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