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This section lists the latest cases that have been adjudicated on by the Board.

Formal responsibility for the promotion and content of premium rate services rests with the service provider as defined in the Code of Practice. In many cases, the service provider directly provides the service content and/or the form and content of a promotion. This, however, is not always the case - sometimes the content or promotion is actually provided by a party other than the one that is answerable to icstis under the Code. In order to provide a clear picture in these adjudication summaries, those parties responsible for the problem(s) which arose in a case are identified as well as the parties defined as service providers under the Code.

The Board considers all relevant factors when deciding whether to impose a sanction on a service provider found to be in breach of the Code, including the severity of the breach, the level of harm caused and the breach history of the service provider concerned. Sanctions available range from obtaining assurances about future behaviour and imposing fines to barring access to services and prohibiting certain individuals from operating services for a set period.

Service providers have the right, as set out in the Code, to request a review or an oral hearing in respect of an adjudication. The outcome of any such review or oral hearing will also be published by us on this site, as will the outcome of any hearing held by the Independent Appeals Body.

Please note that some adjudication reports may contain content that causes offence. This material may not be suitable for people under the age of 18.

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