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If you are a Communications Provider and wish to offer premium rate services you should register with icstis prior to using or dealing any of the '09' number blocks.

If you havenít already done so, you can register by
downloading the
Network Operator registration form.

You can find out further information about the registration process or ask any questions about filling in the forms by emailing [email protected].
Please complete these forms in full and return them to the e-mail, fax or address listed below.

[email protected]

020 7940 7456

Network Registration, icstis, Clove Building, 4 Maguire Street, London SE1 2NQ 

Once you have registered, icstis will contact you to discuss your forms and arrange an induction programme for you.

If you sub-allocate, transfer or port any numbers obtained from Ofcom you should advise the recipient of those numbers of their obligations to icstis, particularly those that are triggered prior to the using or dealing with any premium rate numbers.


Failure to register promptly may lead to a formal icstis investigation. If revenue is generated on these numbers prior to registering with icstis you may be liable for icstis levy payments resulting from that revenue.


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