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please enter the phone number or text short code you are querying

Please ensure that you enter the number carefully. Incorrect entries may give you the wrong information or be rejected.

icstis can help you with the following types of numbers:

  • premium rate numbers prefixed 09 that are 11 digits in length
  • directory enquiry services prefixed with 118 that are 6 digits in length
  • mobile phone text shortcodes that are 4 or 5 digits in length
  • numbers prefixed 070 that 'offer' premium rate-style services 
  • 0800 REVERSE services. Enter 08007383773 if you wish to complain about this service
  • international numbers prefixed with 00 that provide a product or service

* please note that ICSTIS in unable to provide information on these services, however we do share the number details with phone companies so that, if necessary, they can take action to bar access

All other prefixes such as 087, 084 and regular local numbers (01 and 02) do not fall within our remit and cannot be checked on our website. We recommend that you contact your phone company in the first instance for further advice.
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