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welcome to our section for phone networks

ICSTIS ANNOUNCES LEVY FOR 2007/8 (20 February 2007)

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icstis regulates premium rate services in the UK. It issues a Code of Practice which contains the rules governing the content and promotion of premium rate services. The Code is supplemented by a set of Help Notes.

This area of the website is designed for Originating Communication Providers (OCPs) and Terminating Communication Providers (TCPs). If you are a Communications Provider and wish to offer premium rate facilities then you should register your details with icstis prior to using or dealing any of the 09 number blocks that are allocated to you by Ofcom or have been ported or transferred to you by other means, in accordance to paragraph 2.1.2 of the icstis Code of Practice (11th Edition).

If you sub-allocate, transfer or port any numbers obtained from Ofcom you should advise the recipient of those numbers of their obligations to icstis, particularly those that are triggered prior to the using or dealing with any premium rate numbers.


Failure to register promptly may lead to a formal icstis investigation. If revenue is generated on these numbers prior to registering with icstis you may be liable for icstis levy payments resulting from that revenue.


memorandum of understanding


In June 2005, many OCPs agreed to work together with icstis to increase consumer protection in the premium rate services sector. A Memorandum of Understanding was produced and OCPs who agreed to share information signed it. If you are a signatory to the MoU, please enter the purpose-built extranet where you can access information that will assist you and your customers. If you would like to become a signatory to the MoU, or require further information, please contact [email protected].

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