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handling complaints

We will aim to resolve all complaints quickly, effectively and consistently.

If the complaint is one that we can deal with, the complainant will receive acknowledgement to this effect from icstis. The complainant will subsequently be advised of the outcome of the case.

Our range of procedures for dealing with complaints is set out below:

  • informal procedure
    When the apparent breach(es) of our Code of Practice appears to be minor and of little consumer harm, we will telephone the service provider concerned and outline the nature of the apparent breach(es).

If the service provider agrees to take corrective action, no further action is taken.

  • standard procedure
    We will write to the service provider concerned, outlining the apparent breach(es) of our Code of Practice and setting a time limit (five working days) for response.

Once a response has been received or the time limit has expired, the case is presented to the icstis Board for adjudication.

  • emergency procedure
    When a service and/or its promotion appears to be causing serious consumer harm, we will begin an immediate investigation that may result in the instant barring of access to the service in question. The service provider will be given three working days in which to respond.

The case will be presented to the icstis Board for adjudication within 10 working days of the Emergency Procedure being started.

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