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In carrying out its duties, the Board is supported by a range of sub-committees, each responsible for advising the Board on areas that require more in-depth and specialist analysis.

the complaints panel is made up of two or three members of the Board drawn from the nine non-industry members and meets weekly to consider complaints received by the Executive about premium rate services. It also considers applications for prior permission to operate certain types of premium rate service.

The Panel adjudicates on complaints and imposes sanctions, ranging from obtaining assurances about future behaviour and imposing fines to barring access to services and prohibiting certain individuals from operating services for a set period.

the finance, budget and performance monitoring sub-committee is responsible for overseeing expenditure and presenting icstis' budget and monitoring icstis' core activities performance.

the audit and corporate governance sub-committee is responsible for managing the internal and external audit processes, as well as dealing with matters relating to risk management within icstis.
the human resources and remuneration sub-committee is responsible for overseeing icstis' human resources strategy and advising the Board on remuneration and related matters.

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