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mission statement

our vision

As the regulator for premium rate services our vision is that anyone can use these services with absolute confidence.

our mission

In pursuit of our vision we create a Code of Practice which sets appropriate standards for the promotion, content and overall operation of premium rate services, taking account of those who may be especially vulnerable, particularly children. We advise providers of premium rate services on compliance with our Code. If they do not comply, we promptly enforce its provisions to minimise any consumer harm caused.

So that we can continue to protect and inform consumers faced with constantly changing technology we regularly review our standards, consulting widely to obtain a cross-section of opinion.  

our values
In carrying out our mission, we are committed to the following values:

  • staying aware of, and responsive to, the ways in which consumers, or particular sets of consumers, may be vulnerable when using premium rate services and striving  to ensure that they receive the necessary protection;
  • independence at all times from the sector, companies or individuals that we regulate or that fund our work;
  • openness, fairness, even-handedness and impartiality when dealing with any individual or company involved in the provision of premium rate services;
  • consistency when making decisions and imposing sanctions relating to non-compliance with our Code of Practice and having in place mechanisms to ensure that consistency;
  • co-operative engagement with the constantly developing premium rate industry as the best means of securing its support for our work;
  • working with legislators and other regulators to ensure that those who influence the operation of premium rate services fully understand and support our work;
  • maintaining our understanding of relevant technological developments so that our regulation remains targeted, proportionate and allows innovation and investment;
  • being accessible to consumers and helping them understand how premium rate services work so that they can better protect themselves;
  • acknowledging the important contribution made by all members of the organisation.
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