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icstis funding

icstis is a non-profit making organisation. We are funded by a levy on service providers which is collected by network operators. 

From time to time our income is supplemented by additional, non-budgeted income such as bank interest and fines/ administrative charges collected from service providers who breach our Code of Practice.

Such non-budgeted income is carried forward to the next financial year and is used to offset the overall cost of icstis and the cost borne by industry for funding us. Using the fines in this way reduces the cost of regulation to legitimate companies who do not breach our Code whilst ensuring that those service providers who trade unfairly bear a greater proportion of regulatory cost.

Our budget is consulted on with all stakeholders each year and is ultimately approved by Ofcom, the regulator for the UK communications industry.

Click here to view details of the icstis levy 2007-2008

For further information contact Sharma Francis on 020 7940 7461 or email [email protected].



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