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the board

The Board consists of twelve remunerated part-time members, nine of whom have no current connection with the premium rate industry. The three members who are currently active in the premium rate industry, whilst full members, take no part in any of the adjudicatory functions administered by icstis. All Board members' conduct is governed by a code of conduct

The full Board meets approximately once a month to discuss and determine board strategy and policy. In addition, a sub-group of two or three non-industry members meet weekly to adjudicate on complaints and to consider applications from companies that wish to operate services which require prior permission.
The current Chairman of the Board is Sir Alistair Graham and the Deputy Chairman is Robert Chilton.

sir alistair graham, chairman
robert chilton
simon armson
andrew bud
edward boddington
david clarke
nicholas higham
stephen locke
sara nathan
mike short
elizabeth stallibrass
mike tully 
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