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enquiries & complaints about premium rate numbers

For instant information on a premium rate number, 
access our number checking service.

If after using our online service you require further assistance, please call our Contact Centre on 0800 500 212 between the hours of 8.00am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) or access our online complaint form

Consumers who are hard of hearing can now contact icstis via textlink on
020 7407 3430.

press office enquiries

Our Press Office can be contacted on either 020 7940 7408, 020 7940 7464 or
020 7940 7415 or at
[email protected]. We do not offer a 24-hour Press Office service. However, if you have an out-of-hours enquiry that is urgent, the Press Office can be contacted on 07973 172735 or 07925 327081.

Please note that the Press Office only handles enquiries from the media. Any enquiries from complainants about ongoing investigations cannot be forwarded.

If you would like to be notified each time new documents are added to our website, subscribe to our e-mail alerts.

website enquiries

If you have an enquiry regarding the icstis website, please e-mail
[email protected].

Please note that this service only handles enquiries regarding the icstis website. Any enquiries from complainants cannot be forwarded.

copy advice

Copy advice and guidance on proposed service content is available free to service providers from the Executive. If your query relates to this, please e-mail [email protected].

Due to the volume of advice requested, it may take up to ten working days for a written response to be produced by the Executive.

Please note that this service only handles enquiries for copy advice. Any enquiries from complainants cannot be forwarded.

industry and all other enquiries

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